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Refurbished Trailer

The Greenkeeping Team are delighted to have their newly refurbished trailer back.  It’s just like a brand new trailer – great job  on the repairs by Dave Clarke.

The artificial bunker at the 8th has now been in play since start of season and still looks as good as day one.    Very little maintenance is required to the face and this will look good right through the season.

The naturalisation of selected bunkers on the course is starting to knit in to the natural surroundings and the bunkers look as though they have always been there.

The drainage at the 2nd is working well.  Despite the dry weather we have had, water is still running through the drain.  Now that we have had some rain, D Ross and his team will be back to complete the job.

We are currently removing unwanted weeds and grass species from the 3rd fairway.  These areas are being strimmed down and a weedkiller applied before overseeding with a favourable grass species.