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Trolleys on Tees

Keep trolleys off tees, you have been sent an email about this already. Unfortunately there are always a couple who spoil it for everyone else.  

Greenkeeper’s Weekly Update 7th June 2017

Greenkeeper’s Weekly Update 2nd June 2017

Refurbished Trailer

The Greenkeeping Team are delighted to have their newly refurbished trailer back.  It’s just like a brand new trailer – great job  on the repairs by Dave Clarke. The artificial bunker at the 8th has now been in play since start of season and still looks as good as day one.    Very little maintenance is […]

Verti-Draining Greens

All greens have been verti-drained to a 7″ depth to allow movement of air and water within the soil.       

Gorse Removal at 11th Heather

The heather to the left of the 11th fairway was being invaded by gorse. To keep this area as a heather plantation, the gorse was removed using a tractor mounted flail collector. Gorse roots were then chemically treated to stop re-growth. 11th heather before gorse removal

Drainage at 3rd Hole

Due to the extreme wet weather over the winter, the planned drainage work at the 2nd fairway had to be postponed and it was decided to continue with the drainage plan at the 3rd instead. This work was completed by Duncan Ross, Drainage Contractor, this week. The postponed drainage works at the 2nd will now be […]