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Course update – February 2019

GREENKEEPERS’ BLOG by Neil Hamilton, Head Greenkeeper




 FEBRUARY was a very mild month with a bit of growth showing on all surfaces of the course.



 A great view of the course, looking north, with the 3rd fairway and green in the foregound.

Taken in February from high above the Solway, thanks to the aerial photography of club member Jamie Grant






  • Mowing has been carried out and the height of cut dropped to 5.5m
  • Topdressing programme continued with greens receiving two light 5.5 ton/ha dressings
  • Soil temperature being higher than normal (11.4 degrees recorded) a granular feed 4.0.14 was applied to sustain turf health.


  • Overseeding was completed with a dwarf rye/ fescue mix to help improve the sward.
  • LIght application of topdressing was applied after overseeding. 


  • Overseeding has been completed with fescue, to improve the sward on aprons, especially those affected by the summer drought


  • 2nd, which was affected badly by the drought, has been vertidrained to a depth of 9”; scarified; cut 12mm; overseeded with a dwarf rye/fescue mix using a DEMO OVERSEEDER – (pictured below) A light topdressing was then applied and drag matted in.
  • All fairways have been scarified and cut.
  • Low/ wet areas vertidrained to a depth of 9”.


  • All new bunkers filled with sand and sand compacted.
  • Sand levels in other bunkers topped up.


  • Removal of birch tree regeneration continued.
  • Gorse growing amongst heather at 11th has been treated with a selective herbicide.